Our High School Volleyball Athlete

Sep 23, 2022 | High School #505 News

For the 2022-2023 volleyball season, Ohio has one player joining the Amboy Co-Op to represent our great high school! Jillian Anderson is a freshman this year at Ohio High School, and this is her first year playing high school volleyball.

Jillian Anderson, Freshman Volleyball Player

Jillian is on the Freshman/Sophomore Amboy Co-Op Volleyball Team. She started playing volleyball as a fifth grade student at Ohio Grade School. She loves the energy of playing volleyball. The feeling of the gymnasium “when you make a good play and everyone is excited for you and the team. It’s pretty great.”

There are challenges as well. The mental game is what Jillian identifies as the hardest part of the sport. You have to push through and not get down on yourself when you don’t get a good play. It’s important for each member of the team to keep that positivity going because when one person gets down, it can lead to the team getting down, which can be hard to come back from.

This year, Jillian plays middle front and middle back, but she is an all the way around player. She is focusing on getting good hits and kills.

Her Ohio fans are enjoying seeing her grow her skills in this sport and can’t wait to see how she crushes her volleyball goals in the future!