World Teacher Day

Oct 5, 2022 | Grade School #17 News, High School #505 News

World Teacher Day

On October 5th, the entire globe celebrates World Teacher Day. This is a day to honor the way that teachers “are transforming education but also reflect on the support they need to fully deploy their talent and vocation, and to rethink the way ahead for the profession globally” (UNESCO).

In Ohio, we are proud of the teachers we have, and we appreciate their commitment to growing and changing to best serve our students and our community.

Ms. Ryan, Mrs. Downey, Mrs. Edlefson (Back), Mrs. Kniss, Mrs. Bodmer, Mrs. Siebert. Mrs. Mahar, and Mrs. Hansen on back to school night.

In anticipation of World Teacher Day, we asked a few of our students this question:

Why are teachers important?

Mrs. Hellrung, Mrs. Graff, and Mrs. Anderson celebrate Twosday on 2-22-22.

Because that they have to watch kids at school, and they actually do a lot of fun stuff, and I like that they have a bunch of toys. They bring us a lot of toys. [Ms. Ryan] teaches me what letters begin with and how to spell.

Mia – kindergarten
Mrs. Hansen, Ms. Sundberg, Mr. Kriz, Ms. Bowman, and Ms. Gallagher work together to build a tower.

Because they help you learn.

logan – 4th Grade
Mrs. Siebert, Mrs. Bodmer, Mrs. Kniss, Mrs. Graff, Ms. Kania, and Mrs. Hughes are all smiles with their tower!

Because they help us learn things our parents or grandparents can’t.

Samantha – 7th grade
Mrs. Graff, Ms. Gallagher, and Mrs. Heidenreich ready for a new school year!

Because they always uplift their students. They encourage us to do great things in life, and they always want us to do the best we can.

Makaila – 10th Grade

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