Play Interview with Jase and Kassie

Apr 29, 2023 | High School #505 News

Meet two of our actors, Jase O’Brien and Kassie Zembrzuski, who play the sarcastic and witty duo Claire and Marilyn in our show, One Stoplight Town!

What sort of person is going to love this show?

Kassie: Someone who is interested in theater!

Jase: Small-town people 🙂

What’s challenging about bringing this script to life?

Kassie: The acting–how to be in character, and understand your character and their personality 

Jase: Trying to bring the character to life when they are the opposite of you. 

Why did you want to be involved in this production?

Kassie: I did it last year.

Jase: It was something new to try. 

Who in the show is most like their character?

Kassie: Makaila

Jase: Morgan

Who’s the least?

Kassie: Mazey

Jase: Dakota

What do you love about this character?

Kassie: She’s sassy.  

Jase: I like how innocent she is. 

Without giving anything away, what’s your favorite line of dialogue?

Kassie: “Don’t ever ask me to peel you again, Claire.”

Jase: “Did you find a way to give Bob a surprise shower of his own?”

What’s your advice to anyone wanting to do the play next year?

Kassie: Know your lines. 

Jase: Have fun! 🙂 

Come see One Stoplight Town today at 2PM; doors open at 1:30!