Grade School #17 News

3rd Grade Fall Play

The 3rd Grade class, with the help of some 4th and 5th grade students, put on a fun fall play on Friday! The students performed the story of Farmer Fred and the World’s Largest Pumpkin.

Ohio Grade School is Exemplary!

We are incredibly proud to announce that Ohio Grade School has been recognized as performing within the top 10% of schools in Illinois by receiving an EXEMPLARY summative designation! Congratulations to our amazing students, staff and school community!

End of 1st Quarter/Midterm Celebration!

On Friday, the students, teachers and staff kicked off the morning with donuts, juice and music to celebrate the end of the 1st Quarter for K-8 and Midterm for 9-12! Throughout the day students searched the classrooms and hallways for little bulldogs. If a student found a bulldog, they got a prize. It was a fun day for all!

K-2 Tanner’s Orchard Field Trip

The K-2 students went on a tour at Tanner’s Orchard! During the tour, the students saw how apples are pressed into cider, put sticks in the caramel apples, and went into the cold freezer. They enjoyed apple cider and donuts!